Lindsay King was born and Raised in Colorado. She moved out to the Pacific North West for College in 2003, and continues to live there with her small family in the state of Oregon.  Through college, workshops and life experiences her creative evolution has been expressed through painting and writing.  She draws inspiration from the unseen pieces of ourselves and divine source energy.  Observing the elements that sparked joy in both her and those interacting with her work, she grew more aware of the spiritual connection in her process. There arose an acute awareness of the sacred space around the act of creating.  Intuitive Painting has become the primary practice of how she works.  Through play, spiritual writing, reading, engaging with nature, laughing with family and friends, and practicing mindfulness, she is able to take the leap into this form of work.  Her intention is to create meaningful work that carries the energy of love and healing. Asking to be a clear conduit for messages of love to move into the paint and fibers of the paper itself.  


 After each painting is completed Lindsay spends time channeling a blessing through her hands to be carried with the piece, wherever it may end up.  



Artist Statement

Translucent layers, delicate details, unexpected moments of contrast; my work invites viewers the opportunity to reflect and be still with their breath, movement, heart and mind. Each mark is charged with intent and purpose, no matter the complexity or simplicity of it. As I react to the interior environment of the soul and natural beauty, I find that those moments of a slight breeze making way through the curtain or tall grasses outside, to be full of meaning.  My head and heart paint the relationship between the subconscious and what is easily perceived. Putting color, shape, and space to the inner world that is felt. To share a reflection of the viewer’s beauty and mystery within.  


A theme that seems to reappear over and over is the contrast with power and softness and how they can merge together as one. You can see this either in large bold shapes, or soft but swift movement over the surface.  The visual metaphor is meant to draw into focus how power and softness move through our bodies and the world.  


Nature and its raw elements been a part of my life since I was a little girl. Their beauty, energy and ability to connect us to our earth/nature ignite inspiration in my work as well.  This shows up in little intricate details, the pigments I use (many of them handmade from pieces of earth around the world), shapes, and colors. Across age, culture, and space we are drawn to these minerals.  I find immense joy in mimicking the gift they share. Felt, seen or otherwise. 



When naming a painting I wish that I could move beyond words and into melody.  Music and sound have a profound influence on how I transmit internal feelings onto paper. This relationship between sound and imagery is shared among many artists, therefore I find it important to note.  When I hear certain melodies, or sounds I see shapes and color.  Connecting the senses to the work is a fascinating process and one that I hope the viewer can get a glimpse of. 


White space is used with the direct intention of adding breath and light to each piece.  Elements that feel like second nature and allude to something beyond. 


I enjoy investigating the unknown and sharing visually with you, the observer. I am honored by the time and support you give me within this work.  Connecting us more closely.  

Thank you. - L.K.

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