I am a lover of people their stories and finding silver linings. I have enjoyed many types of painting, but abstract and mix media have my heart. I am very much a “feeler” and being able to push through water and paint, color and movement, lines and smudges, I am in some way able to express a story or emotion.

Artist Statement:

Working through the push and pull of color and texture, opposites complimenting each other in harmony, I acknowledge scars and imperfections, but focus on the gifts and beauty that are all around us. 



My Story:

Ever since I was a little girl, creating has been a huge desire and part of my life.  Some of my most favorite early memories are taking painting, dance and music classes.  I have continued creating ever since.  I grew up in a very small country town in CO and moved to WA state to the small town of Walla Walla to start my college career. I longed to be a Fine Arts major, but lacked navigation for what could or would follow after college.  I loved working with kids and so I decided to take Elementary Education with a Fine Arts minor.  Although I enjoyed my Elementary Ed courses, it was my art courses that I completely fell in love with.  Specifically painting and design. I graduated with my education degree and was lucky enough to score my first teaching job as a Preschool Director a few months later! This was an incredibly beautiful and hard learning period for me.  I learned how to design curriculum, hire and manage employees, plan events, teach, and my most favorite part, nurture a peaceful, efficient and happy learning experience for precious people in the early part of their lives (ages 3-5). 

Even though teaching was going very well and was fulfilling, I was drowning in student loan bills, and felt discouraged with the future of a career in education because of this.  My mind toiled for months with what I should do. After many talks with my friend/hairstylist I decided to take a leap of faith, and go in a completely different direction.  After my 3rd year as Preschool Director I said a bittersweet goodbye to teaching and an excited yet anxious hello to a new chapter.  I enrolled in cosmetology school and reveled in the idea of working in a creative and fashion focused career! I also loved the idea that my work as a hairstylist was not only helpful financially, creative, flexible, but also that I could still spend quality time with clients doing my best to nurture, love, and help people feel taken care of, refreshed, beautiful.  My hopes did not disappoint me and I have been working as a hairstylist for several years now. 

Through both “day jobs” (teaching and hairstylist) the nagging desire to paint has never gone away. And so I have learned how to make this a top priority in my life.  For as long as I can remember I knew I would always be an artist (even if it meant I wasn’t being paid to be one) and paint. I would have an art show here and there in my little town, but I wanted something more and another way to share my paintings. With the encouragement of some special people in my life, I slowly started sharing my paintings on social media.  Which at the time was terrifying! But like most experiences where we put ourselves out of our comfort zone, I learned a lot about myself and grew tremendously.  January 2015 I dared to ask myself what my (realistic) outlandish dreams were as an artist. I set goals and gave myself a year to get things checked off.  By August 2015 I was dumb founded that with lots of grace and hard work, I had reached all my goals and desires that I had given myself a year to complete. In addition found a loving and supportive community of artist on Instagram, was given an art studio (best surprise of all), participated in the 100 Day Project, and even started to make more of an income off of my paintings. 

You will find me most days painting and working in my art studio when I am not spending time with my amazing co-workers and clients at the salon.  Time doesn't exist at all when I am painting and in my sacred space (my studio). I can never know the future, how my story will continue to unfold, or where my artist career will take me, but I do know that I am forever grateful to be creating and making new connections with other creatives everyday.  Because we are all born creatives and life itself is our greatest design project.