Love Energy Token #5

Love Energy Token #5


“Love Energy Token”

5” x 7”

Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper with 24k Gold leaf


A Token

With each painting holds a deep resonance of love energy.  The painting can be used in many ways.  A reminder hanging on a wall,  a meditation amulet, a moment when you see beauty reflected and unfold as a gift for your heart center, a  feeling of stillness and breath, of contemplation.  The painting is more than the paint and paper itself.  Reiki Energy, or as I like to refer to it, Love energy, is poured and channeled into the fibers of the paper and paint.  

We each possess light energy to be of service and healing to ourselves and others during our time on earth.  We can share this in a variety of ways.  One specific way I do this is through my paintings.  I am deeply grateful. 
As you interact with this art notice your own feeling tone arise within.  It’s ok if you don’t notice anything at first.  Love energy is gentle and safe, but also powerful.  You will notice it’s gift for you in different ways and at different times.
As you spend time with this art, my prayer is that you will continually see your own divine light that resides within.  You have light. You are light.  By bringing awareness to this we live in love energy and radiate this energy wherever we are.

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