Soul Essence


Soul Essence Session and Painting

Aristotle and his scholastic tribe came up with the notion or word “Essence” to combine two Greek phrases, “The what it was to be” and “What it is”. In other words, “Essence” is the piece, property, or set of properties that make up the substance of the entity. Without the properties/substance, the entity loses its identity. 

What is a Soul Essence Session and Painting

A Soul Essence Painting is created while talking with you. Removing my own thoughts and expectations, I act as a channel painting pieces of the soul’s essence that come forward from the person I’m talking with. My intention in each session painting is to be a tool in reflecting a  soul’s own beauty and resonance. Reminding others and myself outside of our personality, and ego, of each individual soul, and connecting back into that place. Because in that place of soul connection, we see ourselves and others with deep love and purpose.  

How long is a Soul Essence Session

Each Session takes about 1 hour and 15 min over the phone. There are a series of questions asked. These questions act as a vehicle to engage with your presence and for us to connect on a soul level. During this time of asking questions, I will be making intuitive marks, and sending love energy into the painting itself. Each painting is its own beautiful expression, just as you are in the world. Our time together helps the art piece to be truly special to the being you are.  You are full of wisdom and your own intuition. 

In Addition 

Only you can fully interpret the messages from the painting, as it is your own soul speaking love to you, but at the end of each session I will give a small reading of the painting, our time together, and the energy the painting is reflecting.  I do know this, pieces of your unique design and love are reflected back to you.  Beyond that… over time, you will discover new meaning and interpretations meant specifically, just for you. A piece that will continue to gift you. 

Is this just a one time experience

As we go through different chapters of our life, (sometimes many short chapters close together, or others farther apart) various aspects of ourselves are revealed. We are always growing and responding to our environment. You may choose to have a session as additional support during a major life change.   Or maybe if you’re feeling you need change… either way these sessions and paintings can act as continued support and meditation as you reflect on what your subconscious and soul would like to communicate with you. Giving you an opportunity to connect back to center again and have visual support to give applicable remembrance.  



1 hour phone session +

9x12 painting: $195

11x14 painting: $214

12x16 painting: $250

16x20 painting: $330

Shipping included for domestic orders*

How to prepare for a Soul Essence Session

-Find a quiet uninterrupted space

-Before our scheduled phone call take a few moments to relax.  Some deep breathing, tea, light a candle, anything that helps you connect to the present moment.  

-Bringing and open heart and mind will enhance your experience and connection to how love is guiding you.

Session Testimonials-


“I had no idea I would be so emotional as I was going through this experience. Lindsay has such a wonderful way of making you feel special and relaxed.  Your thoughts, soul and expressions come to life in such a moving way. I highly recommend this special personal time with her!” 




"My experience during my soul essence session was one that was entirely unexpected. I was unsure of why, but I felt on a very deep level that I was going to meet myself along the way. Lindsay holds a space for you. She wraps you up in love. She makes you feel seen. She really does hear you. There is a presence in the process that is strong and palpable. 

In all honesty, the moment when I saw my painting for the first time and my eyes ‘met’ my ‘essence’ it was too big for me to take in all at once. I had to look away. Months later I went back to it because I felt like I was finally ready to see inside myself. I wanted to see the part of me beneath the layers that we dress up in as we move through the world. There was a softness to it and it reflected grace back into my eyes. The painting reminds me of who I really am and continues to teach me how to fall in love with myself in the purest of ways. Thank you, Lindsay, for the bright light that you are in the world. You are a channel of love." 


“Thought provoking, my truth unveiling, a moment of silence to know and behold myself. My soul essence session with Lindsay was like undressing all the layers of myself. She created a safe and loving space and I felt the presence of God. Through the art I connected and knew deep down it was a beautiful mirror of me perfectly imperfect.”


“I treasure my soul essence painting from Lindsay! The experience was thoughtful and delightful and when I saw the painting, that she had done from our conversation, I felt that it was perfect. It is now a part of my sacred space and I think of our special time together every time I see it.”


“I asked Lindsay to do a Soul Essence Painting as part of my new year. Lindsay’s questions were unexpected and deeply moving; her painting was beautiful- I love her sense of blue! - and captured the deeper feeling of my responses. I’ve referred to the painting during my year, and each time it takes me back to a place of quiet and gathered reflection that reminds me who I am.”

-Julia I